Company Profile

Mehmet Dora Company was established and entered the energy sector on December 02, 2014 to operate in a sector open to developing and growing such as renewable energy.

It is well known that the present resources will decrease fast, as the current fossil resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, etc, are limited and because the population and daily use of technical devices increase fast. Therefore, using local and renewable energy resources is very important to meet energy needs, as energy generation is continuous.

Our Company aims to reduce foreign dependency and to spread using the kind of energy not causing harm to the health and to the environment. For this reason, an unlicensed solar energy power plant with a total established power of 2MW has been commissioned following its official acceptance in Kalecik Districts, Ankara Province.

Our Vision

To become an energy company with highly productive power plants based on clean and renewable energy resources, increasing its established power capacity, sensitive to the environment, respectful to the human and contributing directly to the energy need.

Our Mission

To strengthen and maintain our position in the Turkish electricity market by nature friendly and highly productive projects, working with expert teams at every stage of investment, not causing harm to the environment.

Our Principles and Ethical Values

  • Contribute to the word and country economy by our sensitivity to energy productivity and carbon emission.
  • Work respectfully to the reducing world resources and human values.
  • Contribute to energy needs by providing environmentalist, high quality energy.
  • Give priority to domestic self resources
  • Being reliably in generation and consumption activities
  • Maintain social and economic welfare and stability
  • Obey the laws and regulations
Mehmet Dora GES-1 & Mehmet Dora GES-2

Mehmet Dora GES-1 and Mehmet Dora GES-2 located in Kalecik district of Ankara province continue to their operations as unlicensed solar power plants with a total established power of 2MW.

The project approval, construction and final acceptance stages of the power plants were successfully completed and commissioned on May 20, 2015.

As its a renewable energy project, it contributes to reducing 1.951.680 kg CO2 emission annually. It helps to reduce total carbon emission in our country by generating clean and environmentalist electric power. Such an unlicensed solar power plant with an established power of 2 MW provides an environmental contribution equivalent to the effect of 177,426 trees annually due to the amount of CO2 prevented from emitting to the nature.

Energy Projects Planned to Be Constructed in the Future

The aim is to take part in the energy market growing with new projects, increasing its established power capacity with highly productive generation power plants based on clean and renewable energy resources.


Energy, as a very important concept effecting human beings, is an indicator of development and advancement as well as being a cornerstone for our civilization today.

Energy need especially in developing countries will increase more parallel to population increase, industrialization and technologic developments in future years. A great part of energy consumed today is obtained from fossil fuels and the remainder from nuclear and renewable energy resources. Harmful effects of fossil fuel on the environment and human health continue all over the world. It is understood better day by day that it is required to increase the use of renewable energy resources, which are natural products of our environment, instead of such fossil resources whose uses increase gradually with the development of the industry and their harm has been negligible previously. The fact that fossil energy resources cause serious environmental problems and such reserves are about to run out in the near future have caused to go towards new searches and increased the interest in renewable energy resources, because they are sustainable as well as environmental friendly.

Why Renewable Energy?

Social and Economic Reason

Renewable resources which can be consumpted where they are generated without connecting to the mains may be easily used especially in the regions where having access to power transmission or distribution lines is difficult or is not economic, because small size energy is needed. As renewable energy resources are located disconnectedly in different areas of the country, they are potentially used in under developed areas or in the areas where industry gets behind.

Environmental Reasons

Greenhouse effects occur, as the greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane liberated from burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil have a heat retention quality. The sun gives its light and its heat into the atmosphere during the day for the natural stability and while some amount of this heat should return to the space, the greenhouse effect prevents such a return and causes the earth to get warmer and this causes climatic changes. Using renewable energy resources allows for removing the factors causing climatic changes and reducing the amount of carbon emissions.